Fix Auto Login

Jester 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

My problem is this.

I use a password manager because I can create a new password on the fly & save my accounts for every website (similar to last pass / chrome / firefox login saves)

what I don't like is having to MANUALLY re type my email & password EVERY TIME I want to log in to this site because suddenly my email and password are invalid whenever I attempt to use the auto fill feature. Please fix this

Can confirm that it does not work with the built in password manager in Firefox. So far have only seen it able to offer saved creds once and it would not work due to some js constantly clearing the pass input.

Not allowing working support for password managers greatly increases encouragement for using bad passwords.


This has been updated and now works on various browsers. From what I can see, this issue is resolved. If you do have any additional password issues, though, please let us know here, and we'll look into it.