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Honestly, people should just use the blacklist in my opinion. I mean, murder is illegal but we allow gore art and things such as incest, voyeurism, rape, theft, "feral" and drugs in artwork constantly.

Was about to suggest this too! Having things like "@user followed @user" in the activity widget would be useful as I don't want my feed clogged with that and have comments for shouts and general wall posting

This would be useful as it would get rid of the need for duplicate artworks uploaded by the commissioners, maybe have the option to set the folder as a showcase

Would love something like this! Maybe events could range from site achievements . eg. "FurryNetwork has now reached 10k users!" to upcoming furry cons, announced guests of honour or reports of furries in the media. Maybe even form a partnership with FurryNewsNetwork? Have their twitter feed on the side of this site and allow users from here to scroll down the feed or something along those lines

Would love something similar to Deviant arts submission layout, assigning uploads from each user into folders and the ability to delete the submissions you don't want to look at from the thumbnails. Maybe even having a delete from submissions when you full view it too to allow easy browsing through the artwork like DA does too.

Much easier than opening a bunch of tabs to view the artwork and then deleting them all