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and quote is even worse in html, where it's blockquote

Typing them is very tedious, especially on mobile. Most everything in Markdown is one or two characters around your block of text.

Markdown Extra charactersBBCodeExtra characters
> Quote1-2 (varies for multi-line)[quote]Quote[/quote]15

It works for what Markdown is designed for. As a comment further down the page says, "It was design to be easy and human reliability even in plain text."

Even considering the tediousness of doing so, it makes more sense and looks much better in plain text. Perhaps that won't really matter very much on a site like FN though.

Yeah I just went to change my password today and I opened an Incognito Window to make sure it actually saved. It isn't very clear that it successfully submits.

I think having the option is the best... option...

Personally, I prefer to be able to use Markdown for simple thing such as this comment. Having exclusively WYSIWYG isn't the end of the world though. A toolbar like the one on here would probably be a good option for story writers. I could be wrong though.

I think giving control over what your followers can see is the best solution to this. Especially since group functionality is planned. You could essentially have this in your privacy settings:

Follower Notification Privacy

Ungrouped Followers

  • Comments [ON/OFF]
  • Favorites [ON/OFF]
  • Promotions [ON/OFF]

Followers in group Developer Furries

  • Comments [ON/OFF]
  • Favorites [ON/OFF]
  • Promotions [ON/OFF]

If that makes any sense at all :P

Okay I honestly wasn't sure if Gruber included that originally. I just new it was in GFM.

Since FN uses what is called responsiveness to show an optimal layout for your screen no mater what without showing a separate site. Since responsiveness isn't really something that can be just "toggled," this most likely couldn't be done. In terms of web development, this is the easiest way to provide a consistent mobile experience.

Markdown is much simpler imo. Although, the thing is that I think markdown is more aimed towards web developers, which I happen to be. I find BBCode a pain in the ass to use, as I shouldn't have to think of codes to use (even if they're simple) to do simple formatting. Multiple lines can typically be accomplished by ending the line in two spaces, although that may be exclusive to GitHub Flavored Markdown.

Markdown is intended for small descriptions such as those on artwork, and I believe it is appropriate. When it comes to stories, I'd agree that another solution would be best. WYSIWYG would be best for stories IMO.