Add General / Adult / Explicit Guidelines

Psy Draggy 8 years ago updated by Haku Wuffamute 8 years ago 4

As of right now there are no guidelines that I can find for properly marking a submission or user profile as General, Adult, or Explicit.

There should be a section when editing your user profile and submitting new content that explains these categories.

The guidelines already exist in the Acceptable Use Policy! :)


But right now, it doesn't detail the differences between what is 'Adult' and what is 'Explicit', as it was made before the Mature was split up into Adult and Explicit.


Right, and applying common sense to it (that is, using the definitions that every other site uses to distinguish between "mature" and "explicit"; basically the difference between an R and an NC-17 rating) doesn't seem to work, because FN apparently doesn't use those definitions! imo that puts more pressure on the mods because people's assumptions of what belongs where are different from the internal categories...i.e. i flagged some submissions that, anywhere else on the web, would be considered explicit, but on FN they only rate as "Mature".

At least an outline of what is "Explicit" would be helpful. I assume it's coming along, but with a lot of us new users, adding content and flagging things, the AUP even mentioning it in brief would be helpful?