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Well, yeah, it is a good promotion tool. Lots of artists just don't bother reading, tbh. But that's on them, and, y'know, "don't blame the actions of some on the group".

I have a question; will the new "Favorites" show up in your/your follower's feeds the way "Promotes" did? If the answer is "No", I can't see the harm in having "Promotes" coming back as just that; a way to share something you think is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to your followers, without them having to go look for them themselves in the new "Favorites" tab. (Of course, don't allow people to Promote their own work.. I mean, it'd be nice to be able to remind people of auctions/YCHs, but none the less.)

That being said, I'm disappointed in the choice to keep this "Save for Later" out of the eyes of the artists themselves. I feel like people are going to use "Save for Later" over "Favorite", ESPECIALLY if "Favorites" show up on their/their follower's feeds like "Promotes" did, meaning artists will end up getting WAY less feedback than they would have otherwise. But if they don't, again, having "Promotes" come back as I described in the previous paragraph would be a nice addition.

Also, an alternative rename to Vas's suggestion: "Bookmark" instead of "Save for Later" - shorter, gets the point across, understood on multiple platforms (Facebook, Tumblr via Xkit, Google Chrome, etc.)

It's cynical to think that people don't favorite work because of the work itself. If they DIDN'T like it, why would they favorite/collect/whatever it? Just because they don't think it's AMAZING and don't have any input on what they like about it artistically, doesn't mean they don't like it. (People aren't necessarily the brightest crayons in the box, let's remember!)

I don't like the idea of anonymous collecting. I WANT the feedback. If you don't, that's fine, but others DO, and I don't think we shouldn't get it because someone else doesn't want it.

Honestly, I still have to disagree with you - what you said sounds rather cynical and, as I said before, if you don't care to know who's favoriting (or promoting) your work, you should have the option to turn it off - BUT you should also have the option TO know who's favoriting (or promoting) your work.

YOU might not care, and simply think they only care for X theme/species and not the artwork itself, but that's not what I think or feel about it, and I'm sure there are plenty of other artists out there on my side of the spectrum who I don't think deserve to be snubbed because of the artists on yours.

I disagree with both Cyborg and yourself, Vas.

Artists ARE entitled to know who's viewing their work. It's THEIR work, they are entitled to know their audience. But anyone else? They don't have that entitlement.

So if you can't handle THE PERSON WHO MADE THE ART IN THE FIRST PLACE knowing you enjoy it - tough. But I don't see a reason why anyone else deserves to know.

I personally have to disagree. I like knowing people enjoy my work, and I like knowing WHO enjoys my work. Otherwise I wouldn't post it.

If you don't care for favorites, sure, you should have the ability to turn them off. But I think it should be an option, NOT something forced on everyone.

I personally don't think self-promoting should be allowed - your followers see what you've submitted, if they chose to ignore it, they chose so for a reason! Plus, fairly certain promotions only show up in your feed, and nowhere else.

I have the same concern as Athari; whether or not you'd still be able to give separate ratings for the alternate versions within the same submissions, since adult and non-adult versions seem to be very common.

I think, if I were to PERSONALLY categorize different forms of art, you would get the following:

"Artwork" - Generally understood to be 2D, can be digital or traditional, made by drawing or painting.

"Photography" - Generally understood to be a photo using a camera, or a screenshot. Minimal manipulation; adjusting lighting and adding small tweaks okay, cutting and pasting multiple elements together would move into "Artwork". CAN be of real-world objects, but may also be taken from a publicly available 3D video game.

"Sculpture" - An artist-created 3D element. Think of a game model, clay model, carved wood, statue, etc.

"Crafting" - Everything else not covered by "Sculpture". Includes tailoring/costume creation, jewelry, "flat" badges (eg: single-layer perler bead badges, papercraft badges), macaroni artwork, etc. Jewelry, if including heavy wire-work or custom sculpted elements, could be posted in "Sculpture", but could be equally at home here.

"Animation" - Anything animated. 2D, 3D, GIF, Flash, Stop Motion, etc.

"Audio" and "Literature" would stay as they are.

"Performance Art" - Stuff like Dancing and Theatrical perfomance. Video format, NOT random fursuit shenanigans!

I'm going to give my two cents:

How they're named right now, is confusing. Explaining it makes it easier, BUT, it would be 100% easier to just rename them to something that's commonly understood by ways of different platforms.

Currently, FN's Favorites are much like "Likes" on Facebook or Tumblr (and maybe youtube too?) - so, I believe it should be changed to such. I view "Like" as meaning you enjoy something, but you don't want to share it.

FN's Promotes work KIND OF like "Favorites" on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, InkBunny, SoFurry... basically, ANY art site. So, it would make the most sense to just rename them "Favorites". It is generally understood across these sites that a "Favorite" is something you like enough to want to share with other people. The difference here being, you don't automatically get a collection created on FN, where on the other sites, a Favorite is automatically added to a collection.

So, what *I* think should happen is:

Rename Favorites to "Likes", Promotes to "Favorites", and have "Likes" create a private collection while "Favorites" create a public collection AND show up in a user's feed.