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I think this is all good, but also like the idea of having modules for IM addresses where when someone clicks the icon, it opens the program to that address, much like FA. This also would be nice in linking to pages on other furry sites

Mainly to upload higher resolution for download, but also to update a piece of art if an error was corrected later.

definitely. That's how my ref is set up on IB, because I have SFW and NSFW versions

That's pretty much how it works on IB

Well at least on IB, one can update the submission by adding more files, which is good for a comic, as more pages can be added when they are released, and each time it is updated, it appears under 'New Submissions' again

I'm all for getting more specific with this! Perhaps any this can be done whenever someone adds a new tag?

Click on them all and it selects mutiple

This would also allow entire comics to be under one single submission, which keeps clutter out of galleries.

Would love this because FA scales stuff down, and I have higher-res files available