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your username reflects your personality :3

Vore is not inherently 18+, though. It can be, but there is a lot of sfw vore out there. Also, I don't see how religious should be in mature??? Just my thoughts

This is a cool idea. maybe there could even be a mascot contest with the community!

Have you ever thought of the MORAL aspect of it? Guessing not. Are you really going to compare CHILD PORN with gay porn?? heck, just gay things in general??

Also, beastiality isn't something you should want??? It's also morally wrong and downright animal abuse.

Agreed 100% ! Getting rid of the cub porn will make FN a much better place, in my opinion.

You can do this, the importer is just out of order right now due to FA's security changes

I forgot to mention: Do it one at a time

I found a messy way to deal with this. I keep uploading the same image over and over until it finally goes through. Sometimes it takes a while, but I was able to upload 50 submissions with this method.

The same thing is happening to me, but with photos...