Adding Rating Categories/Folders within the 18+ Label as an upload requirement.

SSS 8 years ago updated by Darou 8 years ago 4

Upon uploading an image you can choose Rating: General / Mature / Explicit

Explicit content is a vague topic. Some explicit content like gore is different from sex.

There should be a requirement once clicking the "Explicit" to drop down and choose all that apply..

Self Harm
Drug Abuse
CP / Diapers
Sexual Content Vaginas showing
Sexual Content Penises showing
Other sensitive explicit content

The reason I chose [Sexual Content Vaginas showing] and [Sexual Content penises showing]

is where you can choose 1 or both. Because "Gay/Straight/other sexual relations" are a spectrum. It's best to just be specific on what is being seen rather than having a "Gay" label etc.

Below is a screen shot image of how FN looks during the upload process and to the right my rendition on how it should look with these categories. The categories have no limit to how many you choose that apply to the image you are uploading.

Image 193

*The labels I chose in red are for visual appeal only!

The next step is having a block for this category. It is not required to use Tags, this is an issue. We must require the label to protect the viewers on the content. This can protect our jobs along with people in other countries that can be jailed having access to some content. Lets protect our viewers and give them a solid choice on the matter!

Thank you for reading. Please keep all comments civil and respectful. If you have any questions read the content again in case you missed something.

Vore is not inherently 18+, though. It can be, but there is a lot of sfw vore out there. Also, I don't see how religious should be in mature??? Just my thoughts

FN seems to have Explicit marked on the upload but when browsing you see 18+ when it should just be under mature or explicit.

That is a good idea! What if there's categories for General and mature as well? So it's fair for each artist to determine. I like what you pointed out thank you!

It has been brought to my attention that this idea would be best as a general requirement not necessarily under the "General, Mature, Explicit" labels. That is should still be required just not labeled under how harsh the content shows the subject/ how explicit it may be.

Another thing that was noted is that the categories shown do not have to be made. They are pure example of sensitive topics. The point of the article is to get sensitive topics a required label.

i do think there should be a separation between things like sex and violence but i do find 2 different sexual content category rather redundant and problematic in the case of herms and pieces depicting multible characters. I also have no idea why you would make religion explicit:/