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Anything going to be done about this? My home page is still exactly the same as when I posted that image two weeks ago...

This affects the user experience greatly. Seems like a key feature to fix. If artists aren't found on this site, and users don't see the best latest art, then the whole appeal of the site is somewhat null. Artists aren't going to post if they don't get to be seen, and users aren't going to come to the site if they can't find good art.. !

Completely Agree. The popular page hasn't moved more than a piece of art or two since I started following this site. It's kind of silly.

My guess is that some of those were your earliest pieces, so they got favorited a lot by early users, and your site doesn't down filter them aggressively enough to overcome the numbers. Eventually it might fix itself, but obviously not fast enough. You could use a filter by date option.

The popular page doesn't appear to reflect this change. I'm still seeing the same 6 images when I load the page as I've seen for the past three months.

Popular should have a filter by forever, month, week, day. date range. The front page is completely static to me. I haven't seen it change in two months.


I didn't realize the search icon doubled for switching between popular and latest.