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No... Not everyone can even access Telegram, since the service requires a mobile number to sign up and log in. IF there were an external service for PMs, I would recommend XMPP, but even then, I prefer seeing the PM system remain separate.

If the input doesn't properly filter out certain types of tags and attributes completely, it could cause cross-site scripting attacks, override styling on the site to embed another site, or even cause code to execute without the user's permission.

Most sites that allow HTML do so with either heavily filtered results (which can take a bit of time to develop and test), or by parsing the HTML into some other language first. A couple of smaller PHPbb communities I used to be a part of chose the latter, turning HTML into BBCode, and later into Textile markup.

I'm definitely upvoting this. I prefer using RSS feeds, since they're easier to keep track of than most feed systems. It also lets me use my own feed reader software to keep track of the feeds, and it's a supported internet standard.

Sadly, Firefox and IE are the only two major browsers I know of that support RSS feeds in-browser. Chrome dropped support a long time ago, and I believe Opera did so as well.

I would like to add that Pixiv has a similar toggle for gore, which you have to manually set in order to see any of it. They label it as "R-18G" (R-18 Guro) in the options menu.

Personally, I prefer Markdown over BBCode for formatting. I just want to write, and offer my stories for people to read on their preferred platform, not typeset. If I wanted to mess with formatting and such, I'd rather just have proper LaTeX support and let people download PDFs, since it's trivial to break the readability on smaller screens using raw HTML+CSS, and easy for people to override my formatting using Stylish or the Dev tools for most browsers.

I wouldn't mind seeing BBCode support, but please don't make it the only option. It's one of the reasons I don't upload to InkBunny. BBCode annoys me to no end, and I'm a web designer.

"Multiple lines can typically be accomplished by ending the line in two spaces, although that may be exclusive to GitHub Flavored Markdown."

No, that's part of Gruber's original Markdown spec.

No need for an extension. As I suggested here, almost all modern browsers have the ability to use HTML5-based browser notifications:

Basically. It comes down to the history of improper tagging that is spread across the various site. Some people tag things with often-blocked subjects "just in case", even when said subject isn't actually in the picture, like "gore" in a picture where someone has a simple cut. Others prefer to only see certain subject under specific circumstances, such as someone who enjoys diapers with certain tags, but those tags may point to other content that they don't want to see.

SoFurry has a vote system, and people hate it. It's too easily abused, just like how most places that have such a system suffer from downvote trolls and people who want to disrupt those they have a grudge against.

If someone can figure out a good method to stop vote abuse, I'd be for implementing such a system, but for now, I'd stay away from supporting it.