telegram messager implementation

shinjiru11 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

how about implementing telegram messager instead of traditional PM's? it would popularize this thing and also made communication much more easier... let me know if this idea even makes any sense

I don't see the sense of implementing a "specific" messenger while you can simply just use it.

People might favor one messenger over another also and so it would be forcing something onto them.

That the PMs are neutral is imo the best solution. There is no one hindering you adding people to your telegram to chat privately.


No... Not everyone can even access Telegram, since the service requires a mobile number to sign up and log in. IF there were an external service for PMs, I would recommend XMPP, but even then, I prefer seeing the PM system remain separate.


We appreciate the suggestion. At this point, we're going to pass on it, but we could look into it in the future if there ever were a demand for this.