IRC/RSS Feeds for user pages

C Vatz 8 years ago updated by Star Seer 8 years ago 3

IRC RSS feeds are common widgets for many blogs and content-heavy websites (like ones where webcomics are hosted) that help link the actual content with what the user is currently doing. It'd be cool to have a similar option for user or character pages on FN. It would also help with making some artists seem less "dead" during periods where they don't upload a lot of content.

It's very helpful when an artist's gallery has an RSS feed.

I wish more art websites supported them, because...
In Firefox, you can subscribe to an RSS feed and it'll appear as a bookmarklet at the top. That way, you can easily see if your favorite artist has uploaded anything new with literally one click.

Sadly, Firefox and IE are the only two major browsers I know of that support RSS feeds in-browser. Chrome dropped support a long time ago, and I believe Opera did so as well.

I'm definitely upvoting this. I prefer using RSS feeds, since they're easier to keep track of than most feed systems. It also lets me use my own feed reader software to keep track of the feeds, and it's a supported internet standard.