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If this is similar to InkBunny's "Block Submissions" option, then I'm interested.

Similar to a topic I made, I would like the ability to stop all of a user's content from showing in my feed or results - all art/content, journals, comments, activity, etc. - BUT, I do not want this to keep them from interacting with me.

If directly commented to or mentioned, I would still want to see that.

If possible, I would like more options than just a full-content block, like choosing simply to just block uploaded art/content, or just journals. I used the feature on IB mostly to cut content from the browse feed that wasn't tagged with terms I blacklisted.

((Being able to edit or preview comments within the support forums would also be appreciated!))

Working links: Previous Profile thread w/ mock-ups, by Aaros

Enable Multi-Tiered Folders Thread

Before I get into my comments, I first wanted to thank Varka and the rest of the FN team for being so attentive to the input of your user-base. Your hard work and passion really shows and I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated! Thank you for being so open, both in your listening and the of showcasing your progress. It personally gives me a lot of hope for this site. I really hope to see this fire kept alive, keep going y’all!

Now to my comments to your direct questions.

1) First of all - is this on the right track? Is this heading in the right direction?

Yes! I can see that some of the suggestions from the mock-ups on this thread [] have been used. I would like more of them included. Specifically, how it seems some modules could be grouped or snapped together. I like the prior thread’s suggestion of moving the feed into it's own module, and I like your mock-up with it also shown on it’s own tab. Both module and tab versions of the activity feed would be nice to have.

I think the followers/following sections are too large. I think 2 rows of 4, with the 8th block being a link to the full list would be a better choice for both sections. As well as the ability to hide those or any sections a user chooses.

Overall, I really enjoy this! It does remind me of the 'widgets' that DeviantArt Premium features, like someone else mentioned, but this is good! I really love the widgets on DA and the ability to re-order and customize my profile. I would greatly appreciate that here.

2) Are these "modules" a good solution for the site, in particular to give flexible but not too complicated customization, to let users tailor the page to their needs?

YES! I mentioned the idea of 'profile templates' in the previous thread, and I think this would really fit the bill, as it will allow people to craft their own profile to suit their needs.

I still think field suggestions or pre-built profile templates for specific member types would be appreciated. Giving people a boost with getting started on the site with suggestions for what modules to use based on their preferred participation type, be it an artist, a musician, a writer, a fursuit performer, or a social page for fans to talk to others, I think it would be a big help. Sometimes a blank page can be the most intimidating thing, and a prompt or suggestion can make all the difference, I personally feel.

In terms of how to incorporate this concept to the Markdown Modules, here are my thoughts. When choosing a profile template, say in this case for a social profile or original character, I imagine the next page as a 'preview.' This preview page gives the user the ability to drag+drop and edit their profile's modules. I would like to see it with some pre-arranged markdown modules that suggest fields, like links to your other sites, or things as simple as age and such.

DA's premium-only accessible 'widget' feature is similar to this, and I really enjoy it.

3) What modules would be most important to include initially? Are these on the right track, or should we be considering something different?

Whoo boy! Lot to consider here. I want to go back and point out the mock-up's in the prior thread. I am not entirely sure how difficult it would be to execute coupled modules, or how it would translate to mobile viewing, but I am very keen on the grouped section in the mock-up created by Aaros.

In the grouped module at the top of Aaro's Mock-up, it features a singular chosen content piece, a singular featured journal, and a scrollable activity feed, all within a snapped/grouped module, that I would call a 'header module'.

Under the 'header module' was the 'gallery' then 'favorites'. I would like a 'recent art' or 'gallery' module under my 'header module'. I like Vexstacy's suggestion of putting personal Favorites under their own tab, that can be made publically available at the user's discretion.

My initial idea on how to possibly deal with grouped modules translating to mobile would be to have user's prioritize their modules via number, then just have each module appear separate and ordered by priority on mobile. I'm not sure if this is a great idea, I'm not a developer.

So, to try and condense my personal priority for modules:

  • A 'header module' that could be capable of grouping/snapping certain featured modules. For me, this would be a grouping of 3A-Featured Artwork/Content (a singular piece), 3C-Featured Journal, and 3F-Social Feed or the Activity Feed (which I think the Activity Feed should be listed as 3G and considered it's own module.)
  • Next, 3E-Recent Artwork/Full Gallery Folder, followed by modules for specific folders. (handy for links to folders with full comics)
  • Markdown modules would be very important, and I would like the ability to have them also in the ‘body’ and not just on the ‘sidebar’
  • I think the option for personal favorites to be public or private should be decided on by the user, and would possibly be best moved to their own tab/page. I think the option to still feature a favorite or a specific collection/folder of favorites as a module on a profile would be appreciated by some.
  • Like Favorites, I think journals should be given their own tab, if not planned already. I see it in the last mock-up on this thread, so I'm assuming it is.
  • I would greatly enjoy if a user's characters could be given a tab of their own too. (Thought of as a secondary gallery of sorts, perhaps. A place to feature art acquired from others of specific characters, separated by folders.)
  • Would it be possible to have a menu bar on the full gallery module? I imagine a drop-down menu linking to specific folders in a user's gallery.

(While also slightly unrelated, I thought I would link my support topic for multi-tiered folders, as it would be an area possibly worked on parallel to the profile updates. [])

4) We're toying with the idea of putting all content a user creates into a single "Gallery" tab, and moving the split between the kinds of content on the left hand side along with the filtering / sorting options. In my opinion, this looks pretty busy - but what do you all think?

While I personally don't find the left sidebar busy, I can see how it might be to others.

(This is slightly unrelated, but how difficult would it be to give users the choice on what side of the screen they want their 'bars' to be aligned? I'm not keen on the left bar, and would prefer the choice to align it to the right. Maybe a field that hugs the bottom would be preferable to others.)

Would it be possible to make a bar under the Gallery, Journal, etc. tabs? On this bar, you could put a drop down menu with the same sort and search features? In the interest of a 'simple' and 'advanced' search, I think the option to pop the bar out into the side menu when advanced features are needed would be acceptable.

As others have pointed out in other threads and here, the square thumbnails and custom-cropping step was not enjoyed when Weasyl had it, and it has since been fixed.

While the custom aspect ratio thumbnail within a set sized box is a great suggestion, I can also see how it would not be as 'clean' as set squares. I would really enjoy not having all square thumbnails, but I don’t have suggestions on how to make it look good.

I think one detail that may help reducing the busy look would be to give more space around each thumbnail. It is very tight currently. Negative space and breathing room is okay to have, but so far, I'm seeing an aversion to it in the mock-ups that FN has produced. There is a lot of info all fighting for screen space, it’s going to be really difficult to refine it.

Thank you for giving your user base the chance to chime in. It feels good to know you are listening and want to give the community a site it can really enjoy using and showcasing themselves on.

Actually I was going to make a topic about the current collections feature. I would like personal gallery groupings to be put in 'folders', and favorite groupings put in 'collections'.

Also, I would like the ability for multi-tiered folders, or 'folders within folders' as mentioned in another thread.

My personal want for multi-tiered folders would be to sort my art by both type, and year made. While I acknowledge that tagging the art with those details could suffice, I personally would still like to sort my art in that manner in my own folders. I can see Multi-tier folders also being handy for grouping of photos from conventions, or character art collections.

Stacking or grouping similar activity posts, as well as having the ability to pick and choose what appears in my feed, would be greatly appreciated.

I really, really enjoy the mock-ups on this page, as they incorporate quite a number of ideas I would like to see implemented.

  • I like the smaller, (preferably static) banner.
  • I like the left-aligned scheme for profile details. (But would like uploaded content details to be underneath the upload rather than to the right.)
  • The gallery and favorites section is close to what I would like, but with maybe a folder/collections tab or bar.
  • The upper block for the main body, with the 'pinned post' and 'pinned art' art perfect, and with this, I feel the feed can still be useful IF users are enabled to pick and choose what they would like to show in their feeds.
  • This overall is very, VERY near to what I would like to see for an artist's profile.

I feel the comment that this needs to be focused away from being a social website to being an art website is missing a larger point. For a content site to thrive, it needs to feel strong in it's sense of community. (Which, is really how the fandom as a whole as grown and thrived.) The social aspect needs to be there, so I would not discount those that would really enjoy having a more personable space, to talk with friends, as well as the creators they are fans of.

I will end up most likely hunting for this suggestion or making it if it isn't already in the pile, but I would like to see this mock-up taken, expanded from, and given different profile templates for each type of user. (i.e.: Artist / Craftmaker, Musician, Fursuit Creator, Fursuit Performer, Social, Character / [Art Collection])

So far my biggest complaint with the site currently still is that it is not intuitive, and not in a 'easily read' manner, due to certain fields like submission details being in areas I'm not used to looking to in an art submission. I feel the intuitiveness/user-friendliness could be helped greatly by the implementation of a number of details here, and possibly expanding on the idea by adding user profile templates/field suggestions to help get new users started.

I decided to move my entire gallery to Weasyl after the IMVU buyout. There are now only a handful of pieces I keep on FA.

I would greatly appreciate a Weasyl importer, so I can bring the bulk of my work to here as well.