The social activity posts could be greatly streamlined

aaros 8 years ago updated by Albino-Kitsune 8 years ago 2

Instead of the "@person followed @person"

"@person followed @narse"

"@person followed @likeshine"

"@person followed @aaros"


"@person favorited thing"

"@person favorited thing"

posts consuming the entire newsfeed on someone's page, why don't you collapse them into smaller posts?

Turn the stack of social media activity posts into one:

"@person followed @aaros, @narse, @likeshine, and @bobross"

"@person favorites this, this, this, and this"

I continue to be in favor of using profile pages as art hubs and putting the submissions gallery, featured submission, and user favorites gallery at the center of the user page experience. But if there ARE going to be social media posts this is a very easy fix that would immediately reduce a lot of the problems people are having with their submissions getting buried under lots of updates about who they followed and favorited on their user page.


Another idea would to have filters for those, allowing people to either have the option to show or hide them. They can be useful for finding new artists, but can be overwhelming with a flood of them and looking at artwork.

Stacking or grouping similar activity posts, as well as having the ability to pick and choose what appears in my feed, would be greatly appreciated.