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Update: FurryNetwork has told me on Twitter that this very feature is already planned and nearing implementation.

Link to the aforementioned ticket I added:

This post, unlike a myriad of others that merely post "It's wrong!", backs the decision up with some practical logic that I happen to agree with.

I support this, though I'm also adding my own ticket to address a wider issue: Default Blacklisting of controversial tags.

While I'm here and thinking: If a user is verified and then chooses to change their non-immutable information, e.g. Username, verification needs to take place again. This will prevent me from making an account, verifying as Jane Doe, and then repurposing the account to be John Stag the Convention Host.

This is essentially what I had in mind when I came across this topic-- providing harder materials to identify someone as the person their username/profile purports them to be. Verification isn't the same as with Twitter, with follower requirements and whatnot. While a major benefit would be providing a safe haven for prominent members of the community, the broader goal would be to avoid the abuse of namespace hoarding.

You make a lot of good points. To be sure, these are problems inherent in any commercial platform. I think these are problems beyond my capacity to solve right in this window. However, given the time and resources to do it right, this would almost guarantee FN's success as the Furry platform.

Can confirm, am colorblind, cannot see. I've seen implementations that "remedy" this with some manner of pattern on the backdrop. Unintrusive to the full-sighted, means the world to us. Example.