Your comments

Would very much like a way to just remove selected items, like clicking the checkboxes on submission inbox on FA. Sometimes I like to remove stuff I know doesn't interest me and then go back later for a closer look at other items. At the moment there doesn't seem to be a way to do this, unless it's just me missing something again.

Personally, as an artist, I like seeing who faves my work, even if I'm the only person who can see it. I like being able to click a button on a particular image and seeing the list of people who faved that image, again, something only the creator of that image should be able to see. Right now if I click the "# favorites" next to my image, it just faves that image. Why am I faving my own image?

It might be a good idea to allow people to keep their favorites private, like FA implemented a while back, or keep them public. I know I like randomly browsing through people's favorites. It's a good way to find new artists, and I've often spent way too long going down that particular rabbit hole when clicking through my new watchers' profiles.

As for Promotes, it seemed to me as though that was for images that you were particularly fond of and wanted to actively/overtly share with your own followers. "Look at this piece, isn't it great?" Maybe even with the ability to accompany it with some comment to your followers, kinda like how quoting a tweet in a retweet works on twitter.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

Quote makes more sense to me. I've never heard 'scope' used in reference to commissions and I wouldn't have known what it meant either.

This would be very nice, actually. When I do adult and general versions of an image, I usually have to decide which to post, because i don't like cluttering my gallery with duplicate images, even if they are slightly different.

That would be my thought. Folders seems to be the standard naming convention elsewhere.

One of the other sites, possibly Weasyl? Maybe Nabyn? I can't even keep them straight anymore.. it had a function for setting up different 'Character' profiles, independent from the main account profile, so you could set up character info, and funnel all art of your character into that 'collection'. I agree that having the main profile say 'Character' is a little strange. She may represent me, but I am not my character. She'd have a pretty hard time working this little tablet. ;) I also have a dozen or so other characters I like to draw and play around with, but wouldn't want to switch between them as my main profile representation.