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Or when clicking the FN banner, it'll sometimes show that profile's stats and then flashes to yours.

But yes, I have this same bug, too. It only goes away if you refresh the page.

You have to create a separate account on here, because apparently it's totally different. I have to use 2 separate usernames due to the one on FN not being available since someone else took it already.

I've run into this issue many times as well. Plus loading is horrendously long, considering we're not in the 80s or 90s anymore.


Having the ability to delete or edit character names would be a great idea. The only issue is that many people have a character of the same name, so once it's taken, you cannot obtain it. I personally like having one account, as I only have one character in general, but the name I want is not available due to someone else already obtaining it.