Logging with FN account to support forums doesn't work

Neotheta 8 years ago updated by EarthFurst 1 year ago 7 1 duplicate

I thought it might've been my issue only (I've logged via twitter instead), but apparently a friend of mine also has this issue. Enter info but nothing happens :o

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You have to create a separate account on here, because apparently it's totally different. I have to use 2 separate usernames due to the one on FN not being available since someone else took it already.


The two pieces of the site don't share user data. They're both built on completely different software, with the support area being "Powered by User Echo", while the main site is all custom-built. As such, they kinda need to have separate log-ins for the sake of security.

I see a trend with such websites that tend to separate the databases of forums and main site for whatever reason, as well as have them each act almost as a standalone website. it happened with FA, continued with Weasyl and now rebounds in FN as well.

however, as it seems on the surface, it is pretty much as intended.


I don't get why they're separate, either.


Yes. That's a problem. I noticed that too, when I signed up for an account, it cleared all the votes I already cast.

It's a different platform (UserEcho) so that's why accounts are separate.

What's worse, when I registered here, I am very sure I used the password field properly, but I somehow ended up with my PASSWORD as my user name and had to go reset all my stuff because of it, my account history probably shows this. This site clearly needs some more testing and debugging.

You know...that actually happened to me too :\ That's really weird. It seems unlikely both of us were stupid enough to have failed the form the same exact way like that, but hey, it's possible? Maybe someone should look into the code, maybe the form is labeled incorrectlY?

Already have a FN website account, so feels weird to have to get a different account for the forum. Is having forum-only accounts a security measure???