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I'm kind of in the same position, though my main 'craft' persay is food. Yeah, there's artistry needed to take the photograph, but the main subject is the dish itself and how it is presented. Plus if ever I decide to really get into leather crafting like I want to, it'll just get flooded out by con pictures and such.

Its definitely one of the things I look at when on Weasyl's homepage. I just wish it got used more often! Something that automatically connects to the stream and signals when the artist is live would be great.

Having the shout/message in-line with their posts on dashboard would get lost completely when users post multiple things at once. Profile shouts need to have their own concrete spot on the userpage to be viable

Whole-heartedly agree with you and everyone else here on the need for journals. The page layout you have here looks great so far, and I really like the left sidebar of information as with the userpage header. It's organized, clean, and just very visually appealing. I also agree with one of the other people on here that there should just be a "Social" tag/page with shown journals and "whats on your mind" stuff since the gallery is what most people are here for.

Only thing Id have different is that others could view what you promote instead of what you favorite. I like the fact that favorites are personal on FN because it means I can fave things and not have to think about others questioning wtf I'm faving, lol. I'm promoting someone's work because I want that piece to be seen by others.

This right here. Everything on the right side feels so darned cluttered and confusing at times that I expect to scroll down to see comments and the page doesn't move. Comments really don't belong in the same box as submission description, or if it stays there, move it under the "Other Artwork by USERNAME" section so that all artist related things are together and not scattered.

Daily Trending or even a Weekly Trending that way things have a way to build up but still time to refresh frequently. There are pieces that are in the second row that were posted back in January and it's late-mid March now....things need to have a chance to be seen and not covered up by "age-old-favs"