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Max resolution of what part of the site?

Well, strange. Glad they're fixed though!

Hey there. Definitely think that this should be important - there are people you probably don't want to see. We'll take a look into it.

I think this helped resolve your problem? If it didn't, let me know.

Hmm. I will definitely see about this.

Thank you for your concern.

We have our own criteria already created for this issue, and apart from a few minor changes, we feel it has been doing a good job. If in doubt, it can be flagged or reported for us to verify.

We're actually in the process of revising our policies slightly, and should be releasing an updated version of the Code of Conduct soon. Hopefully this is suitable.

Hey there,

I do believe that if you select 'Fresh' instead of most popular, this will give you the latest art submissions.

I'm almost certain that we can't recover your blog post - that would be on your computer, and regrettably if you didn't submit it, we don't save a copy.

The forums really are not meant to be a hosting ground for 'which of these two options are better' and that was explained in the post made by Varka, here. A statement on [ban/unban content type thread] will be coming soon.

Additionally, I'm sorry that you do not feel that we made the right decision regarding cub porn, however I'm firmly of the belief that we aren't going to re-open this subject.