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I really love this idea. It would be wonderful if Furry Network could really become a furry network, allowing not just the sharing of creative works, but encouraging and facilitating community by making it easy to coordinate and congregate.

Ew. No. That seems intrusive and creepy.

You can edit and delete them, in the same place where you added them in the first place.

1. Click the drop-down in the upper right next to your portrait.

2. Click "Edit My Profile".

3. Scroll down to your custom fields.

4. Hover your mouse over the field box you want to edit or delete; the edit/delete buttons and the up/down arrows for reordering will appear after a second.

90% of the time, shouts are just used to post a stock "Thanks for the watch/fav!" on someone else's page. I don't know about everyone else, but they're so ubiquitous that I don't even bother reading them anymore, nor do I post them to other pages; they've just become noise, and feel more like an obligation than a sincere gesture.

So what are shouts for, otherwise? To say hello? To send a compliment? To ask a question? Why not send a message, then? Why does it have to be public?

I love love this idea. My import pulled my submissions in with a very funky order for my daily Drawlloween stuff from October, so all the numbering is way out of whack.