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I think right now it's either sorted by the order you watched them in (which does have its uses for finding people you just watched) or sorted by account creation date, but some alphabetical list would be tons more useful for finding specific people.

I've got 101 and it loads 31 at first, but once I scroll down some it loads more. What browser are you using?

It only loads some at first but it loads more as you scroll down to the bottom of the list. A page like FA with all the people you're following (although paginated/loads by 100s or something reasonable) would be kinda nice, though.

I'm not seeing a 'next' button anywhere on that page, but that might just be me. I think that that only shows for owners of the collection, though.

I feel like links to pages would be inferior to an ordered pool with first/prev/next/last buttons; I've always found FA's comic links to be cumbersome

I forgot to edit this in last night, but really this should've just been a request for some sort of oAuth service (maybe in conjunction with an api?), but something sitting on a FN endpoint that hooks in with user uploads would be tons more efficient and easier on your servers