Comic Format Support, easy navigation page by page.

dashfoxy 8 years ago updated by Issac Sarrowtail 6 years ago 6

Comic format support, easy navigation page by page with links to prev, first and next page, like FA do:

<<< PREV | FIRST | NEXT >>>


I feel like links to pages would be inferior to an ordered pool with first/prev/next/last buttons; I've always found FA's comic links to be cumbersome


Well, there's Collections, which you can use to put a comic into. If you go here https://beta.furrynetwork.com/artwork/661026/services-rendered---page-00/

you can see the page, and at the bottom you can just click next, and it'll load up the following page.

Unfortunately the submission order in collections is all fucked up right now, but they're working on a tool to let you manually order the pages.

I sort of feel like this is sufficient?

I discovered how to post links too, its helpful.

Thank you.

I'm not seeing a 'next' button anywhere on that page, but that might just be me. I think that that only shows for owners of the collection, though.


When browsing submissions in a folder, you can use left and right arrows to navigate through the pages. One problem, though, is that submissions in folders can't currently be reordered; we're looking into allowing reordering in the future.

You know, as much as the text navigation is useful, there is something to be said about customised buttons and links for navigation.