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Letting Commissioners tip Artists

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated by Keryn Everett 2 years ago 1

This is an idea that we would most definitely love to support for the community, but there are currently some technical restrictions that we must overcome to enable this feature. Please let us know if this is something you would like us to prioritize below!


YCH Auction Support

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated by Twilight (Lead Administrator) 2 years ago 2

We will build a semi-automated YCH system that allows for bidding on all YCH-themed auctions an artist wishes to produce. While this speaks for itself, and YCH commissions are a popular choice for many users, what could we do to build and even improve on the handling of these auctions? 


Slot-based system for Artists booking work

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated by Ailurucanis 1 year ago 3

We will allow artists to open up a set number of 'slots" for each product they offer. We can potentially develop multiple ways of handling this, such as automatically closing after a certain amount of submissions are reached or after the artist themselves pick the commissions they wish to work on. We could potentially even offer a “raffle” type system with this.

We could definitely use feedback on this one. Is this something you would wish to have? Are there any other potential ideas for handling this that might be out there?

We will allow artists to open up a set number of 'slots" for each product they offer. We have options on how we can utilize this, from clo


Picarto Status Notifications

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated by Ailurucanis 1 year ago 3

We'd like to integrate http://picartvo.tv/ live notifications into the Artists' profile, so that users will know they are actively streaming and have the ability to quickly click through to the current live stream. 

One idea we had could utilize the avatar and the main artist page to advertise a live stream in that respect, so that users can readily see who's active. 

Let us know what you guys think! 


Social Media Integration

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

We understand that many artists like to promote their art and commission openings on social media websites, such as Twitter. Customers using twitter will also receive an additional opportunity to be notified of new art updates and new commission openings. Would this be an appealing integration for artist profiles? Would there be any concerns about this integration?


Let users create a 'Recommended Commission Artist' folder, like Favs/Promotes.

Keryn Everett 2 years ago 0

Much like the Favorites and Promote feature, it would be nice to allow users to highlight artists they recommend to work with on commissions as part of their profile space.

Probably not a RIGHT now feature, but something I think would help promote artists and bring more sales into the site, to let people share this info with their friends easily from their pages.


Commission Request Forms

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

We can implement and develop a customizable commission form that can be applied to all individual commission products offered. With a bit of setup this can entirely streamline the way information sent by a customer and received by an artist. Would a forms like implementation be desirable? For those that use any kind of form already, was there anything you would like us to expand on to better assist you?

We’re open to any and all feedback on this idea.


Let guests/non-FN users commission artwork from Artists in the marketplace

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated by Keryn Everett 2 years ago 1

We will open the FN Marketplace for "guest checkouts," in this way users will be able to purchase artwork without first having to make an account on Furry Network. This will require some modifications to the workflow, in order to allow communication between artist and a "guest" commissioner. We also understand that not all artists wish to accept commissions from a guest user, as well, and that is to be considered.

We’re open to ideas on this all around. Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in.


Queue/ Project Management System

Devildoge (Community Manager) 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

A tool or functionality that is used both to manage and organize all commissions, as well as create a front-facing visible “queue” that commissioners can monitor, and would-be commissions can also look into as well to get an idea of when the artists is ready to accept new commissions.

Would an in-house system like this be appealing to artists, if they wish to accept this? Or would something simpler such as a public-facing queue be more desirable? We understand that privacy is a concern as well for some artists and commissioners, so we can look into adding flexible display modes to work around this.

On that note, would there be any specific project management tools or ideas that artists wish to integrate into the commission system, as it stands? Let us know, below!


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