Let guests/non-FN users commission artwork from Artists in the marketplace

Devildoge (Community Manager) 6 years ago updated by Keryn Everett 6 years ago 1

We will open the FN Marketplace for "guest checkouts," in this way users will be able to purchase artwork without first having to make an account on Furry Network. This will require some modifications to the workflow, in order to allow communication between artist and a "guest" commissioner. We also understand that not all artists wish to accept commissions from a guest user, as well, and that is to be considered.

We’re open to ideas on this all around. Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in.


As long as artists don't take a hit for negative feedback ratings and have more space to drop a commission during the process, let anon guest buyers go all out, just give artists more space to work with anon buyers when it comes to conflict. A good buyer will make a verified account and work with an artist during delays, a bad buyer stays nameless and wants a refund after 2 weeks and 6 redone sketches they 'don't like'.

If artists have to have a fully set account to sell, the A+ rating buyers should too.