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I would say option 3, in general - no artist wants to risk business by putting up an adult sheet and missing out on clean commissions, or vice versa.

However, I suggest something similar to what Ingwie Phoenix is suggesting - If an artist has both sheets uploaded (Clean and Adult), anyone who can view the adult one can also view the clean one, as if it was a submission in the same folder. As I see it, this has two benefits:

- People browsing with the filter on won't miss out on information or examples that might only be seen in a clean Commission Sheet (whether by design or accident).

- Artists could tailor each sheet accordingly, making an 'Adult' version about adult commissions specifically, while keeping a 'Clean' Sheet for extra information and for others who may see one but also be interested in the other.

If this was how it was done, one could even filter artists by "Open for Clean Commissions", "Open for Adult Submissions" and "Open for both Clean and Adult Commissions".

I think it'd work!

I like it! I'd also add that this should be combined with your other suggestion of Notification Categories, for ease!

I'd suggest an alternative - Instead of "Furry Network - Popular Art", you could have "Popular Art - Furry Network". That makes it easy to see which page it is when the tabs are smaller while still having the site name when the pages are larger. And keep the favicon too, of course!

I feel that Simplemind's options would be really good. It'd have the idea of "New user just joined FN! Check out their gallery!" rather than "Hey, have fifty thumbnails of the same character".

Another suggestion would be, perhaps, a separate page for this stuff - in addition to Fresh and Popular, you could have "New Galleries" or the like. This could mesh with the Community tag.

As for the original ideas, I feel that the 'Check Box' idea has more of a merit - sometimes, people want to see those freshly uploaded galleries after all!

I'd also suggest making it more obvious at a glance which notifications are which. Perhaps by colour, maybe by category.