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Wow, I forgot I made this thread some 3 years ago. I thought they'd implemented it already and I hadn't noticed. 

I'd still very much like to have this feature implemented along with other features that seem to still be stuck in limbo from around when I first made this suggestion thread. 

Please communicate with us, FN.

If people REALLY want to get away with your art they will. Removing the download button will just slow down and few non-tech-savvy folks and that's about it.

HOWEVER. What I DO like about how DA handles that is that I can upload the FULL-SIZED image to DA and then CHOOSE the size that the viewers get to see. In that aspect, I can use DA as a sort of vault for all of my full-sized images that only I can get the full sized image. It also helps out since I don't need to create a smaller version of the same image myself for DA. So if anything I REALLY hope they just let you decide which size can be showed to the audience for this very reason. -winkwinknudgenudge towards the admins-

1- I feel as tho this is a non-issue. It's like fearing being strangled by a shoe string by a store clerk who thinks he's Robert Downy Jr. Sure it can happen and is entirely possible, but the likelihood of such a thing occurring? Very small. Every other website gives you the option to do so and as Chicago-Lollie pointed out, I've also never seen this happen maliciously.
As Chicago-Lollie also pointed out, if someone did do it just to be sneaky they can just as easily be reported.

2- Eh. I guess? Sounds a bit needlessly complicated to me. Tho the ability to silently upload without notifying watchers is always nifty. But that's just one chick's opinion.

3- What?? Why wouldn't switching out the original downgraded file with the original quality image not work on FN if they don't have the same downsizing thing as FA?? I'm not sure If I'm sleep-deprived or what but I don't quite understand the issue with this point either.

Glad to see you guys are still shifting thru requests and complaints graciously. [:

Yep! That's the 'easy way around that', I meant.

I'm sure an admin or friend wouldn't mind checking for you.

I like the way how blocking is currently-- but I think to make everyone happy-- Just give us all an option to hide our content from them all together, like a checkbox?

Some people just want no contact-- some want to be non-existent to the person, for example if the person like to pick about your artwork it would nice if they couldn't see it at all. If the person is just rude, No contact, but still able to see their artwork would seem fair enough to me.

I can see how hiding galleries from each other would be abused tho (in a case of hiding stolen art from the real artist), but I'm sure theirs easy ways around that.

I'm surprised there isn't more hype for this?

Imagine if this was implemented for when Commissions become open or closed? It would be really helpful!