Web Notification support for site notifications?

Star Seer 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

Could you possibly add Notification API support for notifications on the site? This would allow users to keep a tab open, and get real time notifications as they arrive, just as if it were a desktop application. The API is supported in all modern browsers now, and users can opt out easily with each browser.


I'd say it should be opt in rather than opt out, but otherwise this isn't a bad idea. It would also help keep up when you're eagerly waiting for that exact moment when an artist opens for commissions.


Well, opt-in/opt-out depends on the browser, as it's set on the browser side. No need for FN to do anything in that regard.


I'm surprised there isn't more hype for this?

Imagine if this was implemented for when Commissions become open or closed? It would be really helpful!


I've been going through and reviewing the tickets. The site currently has real-time notifications. There are a few issues with notifications that we're aware of, and we're working to resolve those.