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I dont know how many times ive already tried to click on the persons icon/name to go to their pages when they promoted my thing, but it instead just takes me to my own image and i cant check who promoted me or the favorites cos then ill end up clicking fave or promote on my own image.

i keep getting lost trying to find the comment section for commenting on an image.
it also looks more organised to me with the info underneeth the image instead of to the side. when it is on the side it looks cluttered

It would be really nice to have something like this, i mean there is a popular art section, but what about the non popular? they are just gonna sit in the dust not being views as the popular ones are getting everything which takes away from the lesser known artists. And you miss out on a lot of good artists that way cos no one sees their art

Being able to view who favorited your images. As well as when someone favorites the image (for when you get a notification) Have it show the person's icon and username of who favorited it, instead of having a user-less icon saying "someone has favorited your work" appear. it is kind of creepy.
It would also be nice to be able to view some favorites of other users. This allows people to only find new artists to follow if you find works that you like. I know i found a lot of people through this on FA, without it i wouldnt have known half of the people i follow over there.

Why not do both?
Have them color coded and have icons?

On the commissions page to do up your commission info there is a small problem. You can upload an image to it to show your commission prices, but to get rid of it you cannot. It would be nice to be able to delete that image if you no longer require it.

I agree with Shirefox's comment up above for a fourth option.

Shouts are a thing where it helps connect users together and it also helps others find each other.
For example: You see someones icon and username and want to check them out
That makes it have potential for others to meet one another and find new people's art.
It is also a nice way to send artwork to the person if some one doesn't like to use the notes system due to it being used to chat, so things get lost easily.
You can possibly put up a check box for users in their "edit user-page" if users don't want shouts on their page or if they do since some users don't use shouts and a lot of others do. This way people can be content.

Currently i really enjoy having a "shouts" area to find people, it is where i find most people i follow. It also feels a bit lonely on my profile without having some new faces on there. it kind of "spices up" the place a bit, making it more homely.