Your comments

I'd like to recant my position. I feel that people should have the ability to fully delete an account they created from this website.

The entitlement and selfishness argument could be easily turned around on you though. It seems you don't understand an artist's viewpoint so I'll explain.

If an artist creates something and they get favorites from a large number of people, half the time they don't go through and investigate each person. It feels good knowing that people like the work, but to receive those favorites in the form of "someone" actually diminishes the positive boost. It creates an environment where the favs just become points, and nothing more.

Second, when someone goes through and favs a block of work by an artist because they really like it, it also provides a really nice nod to the artist that "by the way, this person really likes your work." It provides viewers the ability to acknowledge the artist without needing to comment. For those that are too shy, this is a good solution.

I have no problem with Favorites being a private collection, as long as the artist is notified.

That you'll simply resort to bookmarking work to prevent an artist knowing you like it, is actually kind of sad. Sure most people keep a private spank bank, but you're going to the extreme. These people put a lot of effort into things you're enjoying and when you say "I love privacy and nosy artists don't need to know what's in there" about the very artists who made the art, that is entitlement and selfishness.

Exactly what have they caved on? The site's policies are pretty straightforward and fine as I've read them. If you're so eager to run away from a developing site, then good riddance. You're comparing something that's been active for less than a year to a decade old site. There's something to be said for giving it a little time.

It's actually really easy, I figured it out. go to Your character page here. Then make a new character with your re-branded name, select 'use this character' and 'set as default character'. If you want to ditch the old page and all it's work, you can then opt to delete the old character as well.