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Quite so. Except again for the sharing of same submission as the other one, but it certainly covers both in single feature. Didn't want to get too ambitious with using same system for people so differently involved.

Indeed it is, to a degree. Tho as far as I can see it, it is not being built to allow sharing same submission entry for multiple users.

Vast majority of my works are in scraps section, so this definitely would be excellent for me.

I personally like the current promote and favorite behaviour as it is (the tooltips make it clear what their purpose is), but save for later sounds like something I'd want in addition to those for submissions I'd like to return to more often for whatever reason, and I'd actually want that in addition not in place of the currently existing choices. Mostly because everything I have in my favorites now would move to the new favorites and save for later would have almost everything but not all I have in the new favorites. I currently have only very few things promoted, and I like the feature for having the ability to point fingers at something cool that I would like other people to see too because not everything I like is that sort. I can understand that for some people all favorites are worth promoting like that tho, but not to me, so it becomes a little weird to deal with I guess.

I would point out a lot of artists seem to use this as reason to post shouts to such people's pages even when people explicitly ask to not receive them (in regards to watching or faving). Which makes me think those artists only want to promote themselves via that than to actually know anything about their viewers.

As with my other suggestion, this could optionally allow people to share same submission in their galleries without each uploading it individually.

I'm not on 32bit system, but I'd very much like my browsing not to impact other application usability by consuming huge loads of memory. I actually do more than just browse the internet and write on notepad on my computer.

Like multiple photos of the same sculpture from different angles to show it off properly. I don't think people really want them to be separate submissions normally unless they really want feedback/likes on the photo rather than the sculpture.

It's not the notification spam it's for, it's for bundling multiple items that belong "together".

Web dev fads! Yay! Totally useful for end users! Glad someone actually bothered to gather metrics on how it worked for end users instead of forcing it upon them.