Add option to import scraps from FA

Varka (Spokesdragon) 8 years ago updated by May 8 years ago 6 1 duplicate

Scraps aren't imported. It'd be awesome if they were!

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I support this too!

I have plenty of art that I have tossed into my scraps & would be amazing to get that to import as easily as the main gallery. :3 (Watch import doesn't look like it is exactly working either? not sure...)


It'd be cool if the scraps aspect remained on FN, rather than shoving it all in the main gallery, though. It could be another page, just like art/writing/multimedia/scraps ... kinda thing?


YES PLEASE. I made post everything in Scraps due to how FA's folders system works; whatever artwork I want to show up JUST in its respective folder (rather than the "main" gallery) go in Scraps...so needless to say, a HUGE chunk of my gallery is hidden there and it'd be a headache to un-Scrap every single one just to get their copies moved here. So this feature would be a godsend, to say the least.


About 90 percent of my gallery is in scraps because some clients buy whole sketchbooks, 7 day or 1 month art-slaves. Those works are the ones with the most favorites, but they bog down the works I want to feature to future clients. I admit I sort of just tossed my arms up and went back to other sites because it wasn't worth my time to mess with all of those submissions. I would really like there to be an import feature for that, even better if it does just go to an other folder. I prefer having the set up this way because I do so much bulk work that my really detailed stuff gets buried.

Vast majority of my works are in scraps section, so this definitely would be excellent for me.