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Not using those settings may be a problem, because at 3840x2160 on a 15" screen, I'd have to stuff my face into the laptop to be able to read anything - it becomes very very tiny. The touchscreen part is even more problematic.

I did just now reduced it from 250% (my mistake - it wasn't just 150% :P ) down to 100%, launched Chrome, logged into FN and tried to shorten the window just enough, and it's the same symptom. Does it not happen to you at all when you do that? x.X


The MULTIMEDIA item itself can be accessed: Firefox does take the status bar out of your way when you try. It's just when you DON'T, then we end up with "MULTIMEDIA" obstructed most of the time and hard to read - there are lots of links on that page, afterall, so it's hard not to pop up that status bar thing.

As for the screen resolution: it's actually very high (3840x2160) - it's a 15" "4K" laptop screen, and the DPI setting is at 250%

(was wrong about the 150% in the other post - sorry) to compensate for the density (at least I think it's DPI: Windows 10 doesn't like technical terms). The screenshot/clip may look enormous, but trust me - everything looks 1920x1080-ish on this screen, except nicer.

I'm fairly new around here, but I have to say that the current methods used are out right obnoxious: I look through the Artwork section for a while, I find some interesting-looking thumbnail, I go there to check it out, I admire it for a while, then go back to see some more. But wait, it just returned me back to the top! So I need to scroll all the way to where I was (if I remember, that is) and then some, all the while getting stuck at the bottom and having to wait for the images I have already seen to load first.

If that's the only experience we can expect from the "infinite scroll" method, then it should probably go, because this isn't your typical social media: the content in those thumbnails is "incomplete", so we need to click on them to see the whole thing, and most importantly: we also need to return back to where we were when we're done!

I'm actually surprised that this is not available here. In this day and age, going to a website each time you want to check if something changed there is out right ridiculous, especially if there's some sort of conversation going on that one would like to be kept up to date on.

Understandably, this doesn't necessarily even have to be live: make it a daily digest type of notification to reduce the strain on the mail server and make it less annoying for people who track many others, or throttle e-mail notifications for users with huge "output" or "input" e-mail-wise so that more than one event could be captured in a single letter... If it's still an issue, then what about some sort of RSS feed instead? Let some other service like IFTTT poll it and convert to e-mail...

I know it's harder to implement right than it actually sounds, but it's one of those basic things that just have to be there in some form... :\