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Minor, cosmetic/aesthetic: MULTIMEDIA section in one's Gallery menu clashes with browser's "status bar"

IceDragon 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

A bit of an aesthetic bug (IMO): in my own page in the Gallery section, the scrollable left-side menu has its last item (MULTIMEDIA) stuck too close to the bottom of the page. This makes it visually obstructed by Firefox' "status bar" almost all the time. See bottom of the image below for example.

This doesn't prevent that item from being used, mind you: the browser moves the status bar to the right if the mouse pointer tries to hover over it. That said, it still looks mighty annoying... :P

I suggest adding a margin of sorts at the bottom of the scrollable area to leave some space between the last item and the bottom of the page.

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Under review

Hey there - What's the resolution of your screen? From what I can tell from looking at your screenshot it looks quite low.

Adding a div to account for circumstances like yours is certainly plausible, but you mentioned Firefox's hovering status bar moving to the opposite corner, which is exactly what it's supposed to do in circumstances like yours. Chrome's behavior is very similar.


The MULTIMEDIA item itself can be accessed: Firefox does take the status bar out of your way when you try. It's just when you DON'T, then we end up with "MULTIMEDIA" obstructed most of the time and hard to read - there are lots of links on that page, afterall, so it's hard not to pop up that status bar thing.

As for the screen resolution: it's actually very high (3840x2160) - it's a 15" "4K" laptop screen, and the DPI setting is at 250%

(was wrong about the 150% in the other post - sorry) to compensate for the density (at least I think it's DPI: Windows 10 doesn't like technical terms). The screenshot/clip may look enormous, but trust me - everything looks 1920x1080-ish on this screen, except nicer.

Not a bug

I wanted to return and review this. We're trying to make the site work with as many possible resolution, but there can occasionally be some issues every now and again when they're unusual resolutions. With that said, since this is a very small graphical issue that doesn't appear to hamper navigating the site at all, we aren't going to plan on making changes for the time being. I appreciate you sending in your thoughts!