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I don't feel comfortable using a website that allows cub porn. FurryNetwork has the potential to be a very good website, and I urge them to listen to their community on this matter and ban cub porn.

I'm not certain if this is going completely off the rails with what is planned, but I would suggested a specific "examples" tab, containing submission fields that can be set by the artist themselves. You'd have two or three "columns". First you'd have the example itself, which the artist would set from their gallery/uploaded directly. Next to this would be a short description of the piece/style/options, and finally there'd be the "base price".

This way, the columns that include examples marked as 18+ could be set to simply not be displayed in the first place, or (alternatively) simply display a "Content Blocked".

... Though, as I said, that's probably making things too complicated. So, I would say option 3 is the best one. Making it so that the general price sheet is mandatory, and the adult one is optional. Otherwise, people without adult submissions on wouldn't see the price sheet if someone has only the adult one uploaded.

This is a really good idea. I know that indexing from search engines is a concern from a few users, and allowing them to set whether or not their pages should be indexed would go a long way in making them comfortable.

That would be a pretty interesting integration. Although, I post on Twitter *very* often, so some sort of toggle would be needed.

I suggest possibly cutting out the tags, making it so that they display when you hover over the story. Perhaps limiting descriptions to ~100 characters.