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As long as artists don't take a hit for negative feedback ratings and have more space to drop a commission during the process, let anon guest buyers go all out, just give artists more space to work with anon buyers when it comes to conflict. A good buyer will make a verified account and work with an artist during delays, a bad buyer stays nameless and wants a refund after 2 weeks and 6 redone sketches they 'don't like'.

If artists have to have a fully set account to sell, the A+ rating buyers should too.

Having the option to choose to boost certain openings as they open as a default shared post linked across sites like Twitter, would be useful, also helpful to link folks into the site.

Very yes...setting a price, and going above and beyond, then getting a small tip is what fuels most fandom artists...

I'd also like the option to show off things I've favorited or promoted, as some non artists might also like to show off commissioned artwork this way in place of a gallery of their own.

I won't even though the is it wrong or right, folks higher up have made valid points on both sides better than I have.

I will say, at the end of the day is becomes more of a risk to the site than any sort of benefit. Give more users access to a site they don't have to worry about the legality in their country

I don't want to risk issues with hosting my own art on a site that allows artwork with minors in adult situations, regardless of fantasy settings. If it's not banned, I'm not going to stick around.