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This already exists, here's my blacklist for example:

Yeah, wanted to take a look at the commissions system here but the first thing that comes up is adding an image price sheet. It would be great if we could have "add-on" categories like shading and coloring. So if someone wanted a shaded sketch they'd just look at the price of a sketch and add the price of shading on to that.

If you can pull data from say, picarto, furstream and tigerdile (possibly livestream too but I'd rather see that dinosaur go extinct) then that would be amazing for this site!

Definitely, something like how you switch from user to a page on facebook would work perfectly here!

+1, I've asked for this before we had UserEcho and they said they'd take a look at it if I remember correctly.

To add to this suggestion, please add a confirmation dialog box when you hit "Delete All" so it won't happen by accident.