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Really cool! I think being able to customize the page is the best way to go. And if you can drag and drop and arrange the position of modules on your profile page in a sort of page designer with your mouse I'd certainly wet myself...

I think it's great to have modules and it could also be good if users can decide how big they are, like how many rows show up in their favorites gallery or promotes gallery or whatever it's going to be, and their art gallery, and such.

Ultimately giving users the ability to create whatever page they want solves every quibble about how pages should be laid out doesn't it?

I don't know if the area on the right, with profile into, is going to be customizable, but it might be nice if you could add things there as well. The "who you're watching" icons are still kind of big and attention grabbing given their semi-minor importance and you could put something else there like page shouts or a recent site activity feed or something else in between profile info and those icons - maybe let the user choose what they want to put there

I agree with you... The Furrynetwork layout almost looks like it's leaning toward being more of a mobile site in its current form, which is a bit of a turnoff, for me at least.

I have a personal theory that it would actually not be that hard to start a mass migration from FA if there were a clearly better alternative to FA that did everything FA does just as well and improves on the formula, but so far, I don't see a site that really fits the bill. There was some good discussion about this on this journal. FA's classic interface doesn't look modern, but it's very simple and functional and places emphasis on the right things, and myself and most everyone I've talked to really really prefers FA's interface to anywhere else... So I think that's one reason why more solidly built sites are losing out, not just popularity.

And yes... The more I use FN lately the more I really think userpages are broken as they are currently. 90% of the userpages I click on I am not greeted by any art at all aside from the icon/banner, just a list of who they've followed, even people with full galleries. It's all wrong for a furry site. :(

As far as discoverability goes, I would say it's important to have favorites visible and be able to see what people like on their profile pages, but I don't think you need to get rid of shouts to do that. I think if you did a poll of users on all furry sites they would find shouts to be pretty important. It's like being able to tweet at someone, or post on someone's Facebook wall - being able to have a public interaction with someone that's not under some other context, like under a submission or journal. It's a great way to say hi to someone.

Yes! I agree with this. Personally I would MUCH rather have comments under the artwork and have the maximum width of the artwork fill the whole page. It would be nice if we could see submissions in HD in the submission page rather than having to click on them and bring up an HD viewer to see them fill the breadth of the screen.

I mean, I suppose shouts are subjective, but I like shouts and they seem very very popular among the user base. In fact the reduce size and prominence of shouts on weasyl and sofurry pages is part of what makes them feel less personal. I guess the big thing though is that a lot of people use them, and in terms of things that the community finds valuable, they're probably more valuable than an activity feed if you were going to keep one or the other, imho.

You could definitely make the pinned art full width in alternate versions of this page though.

My design is for a desktop site. I'm sure there could be other designs for mobile sites, but I don't think the desktop site should be reduced in functionality at all to accommodate them! The furry community is used to the desktop-oriented FA and I don't think a mobile site is gonna be a major selling point so I'm not sure if it should be that big a priority here for now.

It's practical so people don't have to log in and out to switch accounts? Don't have to enter their username and password?

Or if you mean you don't get why people have multiple accounts, there are reasons, but that's a bit of a tangent. Whether you would have separate profiles yourself isn't relevant to the people who do so it's not too important in a discussion of whether it should be included in the site!

Well, I'm getting the sense in your comments here and above there's a bit of "I don't use it myself, so why should anyone else?" Just remember that your own particular taste is unique to you and the site having features that you might not use, whether it's profile switching or a social feed, doesn't mean no one else will get any use out of it ;)

Why not call it characters? It's charming, it fits the spirit of the fandom. They could call it profiles, they could call it accounts. Doesn't make much difference, not a big deal. And you might not use the feature, but remember that not everyone's experience mirrors yours exactly!

Yeah! that's why I think having a friends feature is a good idea. And having your social stuff only accessible to people who you have friended or approved a friend request from.

As for facebook, haha, that's all subjective ;) I use Facebook all the time and it's great. But the quality of your friends on facebook determines the quality of your facebook experience, so it's not the site that's bad. The same is true for any social media site though, which is why you pick and choose who you follow wisely.