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oh I quite like this

I may come back and write something more detailed but for the time being my only thing would need its own tab. Not a module but a tab. Like every other art site across the board. people like viewing favorites. I mean the option to disable it can always be a thing( i personally disable my faves when capable so i'd like that feature) but i remember reading in another thread how important it is for favorites to be 'static'/standard.

otherwise this is on the right track imo. As long as my art is the main focus when people view my profile i'm more inclined to share my FN page.

I'm not sure this is the place to discuss/mention this. but also someone else mentioned that if we did want a sort of 'social' tab or section. doing the 'twitter' tab. like on tumblr , deviantart, or facebook would be neat. Since there are so many artist branching out to twitter too and it'd be a way to streamline it.
Personally though i wouldn't care whether this feature was or wasn't added. I think it'd be neat. yes. But I could do without it.

can't thnk of anything else atm so like i said i may comment more, later or when there's more/other comments to read too.

I agree with the links and avatar links. Its It's pretty standard. Idk why fn deviates from that. Even Facebook will take you to your own page when you click on your avatar.

I hope they implement this suggestion as well.

Side note: I personally like the bigger avatar display image. Allows for more creativity with them when drawing them.

Agreed. Deviantart got it right with how their journals function.

I agree with this whole heartedly. It's very difficult for me to want to route people to my FN page when I don't know if art is even going to be the first thing they see at the time they view the page.

I also agree with all the rest of your suggestions here as well

And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of shouts and journals.