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Seems a great idea for series pieces and comics and such.

I wouldn't. A kid in a diaper is way different to me than a kid getting banged by the babysitter.

I have a number of friends in countries where even drawn depictions of underage sex is illegal and they would be unable to use this site, for the sake of a minority.

"If there's significantly more people who will continue to use/ join the site if there's no cub allowed, then ban it."

If my twitter feed is anything to go by, this is absolutely the case.

"The Economist (I think) actually ran an article back in September that talks about how therapists and psychologists in the United Kingdom have been setting up anonymous clinics inviting pedophiles to receive free treatment regarding their unacceptable desires."

Wouldn't that best be done in a clinical setting, then? Having cub porn on the same site that accepts regular adult artwork would seem to put it on about the same level as the rest of the spank material. I would assume part of reinforcing that they are "unacceptable desires" would mean having to go to some very specific places to get relief from them.

I'm honestly asking; I'm not in psychology at all and I really couldn't tell you what would actually benefit people struggling with pedophilic urges. I'm just not convinced that a furry art website is a good place to do that, when it could harm the site overall.

I'd enjoy it if the user page layout had a bigger emphasis on the user's submissions, yeah. I assume it'll slow down once everyone's gotten settled, but it's a bit strange to go to an artist's profile and not really see any art off the bat.

I'm bad at using forums regularly but hey, yeah, it'd be nice to have a li'l community hub for a site that we want to be a community hub! Presumably down the line when they've got the support staff to keep up with it, but yeah. A+

Not to mention, banning it may allow the site to gain more traction, since I've seen a number of people who don't want to use the site because it allows cub porn.

I'd be all for disallowing cub porn for the reasons mentioned in the OP. There's a site that allows it, and it's kinda become the site for that, anyway.