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I came here to report the same issue. Clicking the "Clear All" submissions button should in fact either scroll the user to the top of the page to see the "YES / NO" confirmation, or pop-up the confirmation right under the "clear all" button after it is pressed. Would be a lot more convenient and a lot less confusing. :)

It would certainly give the network that "welcoming" feeling :)

I second this notion!

Love the idea! But what would determine if a furry becomes verified or not?

I can see furries like Kage, or Varka (furcon / network owners) becoming verified. Perhaps even the higher end artists and fursuit makers. But in the end, we're all furries with our own skills!

Perhaps the verification process would be a bit less strict in that sense. For example, a slightly less noticeable badge on users profiles which marks them as "VERIFIED", if they were able to produce enough information to prove they are who they say they are (accounts, etc). This would please the greater community, and may be a selling point to driving more users onto the network, feeling that they can use FN to "verify" their other accounts by listing them here as their main outlet.