Scroll to the top of the "What's New" page when Clear All is clicked

Crashdoom Marshdevil 8 years ago updated by SeiRruf 8 years ago 2

If you click "Clear All" while scrolled down the page, it won't make it clear that you need to go to the top in order to respond to the confirmation box.

Perhaps the confirmation should appear regardless of where the user is on the page, or the user should be scrolled to the top of the page when "Clear All" is clicked.

Yep, I ran into the same issue. Should be a "dialogue box" sort of virtual pop-up centered on the screen that takes focus to confirm or cancel the Clear All request before you can continue.

I came here to report the same issue. Clicking the "Clear All" submissions button should in fact either scroll the user to the top of the page to see the "YES / NO" confirmation, or pop-up the confirmation right under the "clear all" button after it is pressed. Would be a lot more convenient and a lot less confusing. :)