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It'd be cool if the scraps aspect remained on FN, rather than shoving it all in the main gallery, though. It could be another page, just like art/writing/multimedia/scraps ... kinda thing?

because favourites are anonymous and thus more personal where as promotes is more for sharing art, I know i sometimes find art worth sharing but not something I generally like it give it a fave..

Well, you can already access your personal favourites I believe - that's something only you can see. But a public gallery for promoted content could definitely be interesting :)

I noticed this too! I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, since it also happens with follower's banners and your own banner when you make status updates. Your own submissions seem to be fine, though.

This is kind of an issue since just a title isn't going to incite someone to go click and look at the art, especially as a title shows no way if the content is explicit or not which some people (like me!) aren't really interested in!

With this set up status posts also seem to get lost in the massive list , with the smaller text and everything it makes it more difficult to stand out, especially if someone wants to make some important news or notify their followers!

I think status updates can be used as a journal though? You can add images and video, links and so on, and format text. Doesn't look like there's a word limit so you could kind of use these as journals? Maybe somewhere there could be a place where you could see all the status updates you've ever done sort of like a journal history, similar to how you can toggle artwork depending on if it's multimedia, photos, writing etc.

I think promotes should still be easily viewed somehow, since the whole point is to promote other people's art too :D

Late to the party, but this reminds me of the credit's or "appearance" thing that Vimeo has, if you participated in a project the uploader can then tag people who helped in the project and they would be automatically credited.

This kind of credit system thing could also be useful for say, people who upload art of their characters but not created by them? As a way to link back to the original artist.

I like this modular idea - so then people can customise their profile depending on what they do, if they're just an observer of art, or maybe they don't make art and only make music or writing, they can make their profile just the way they like!

I noticed recently they got rid of the preview banner pictures for promotes, which I'm not keen on. Just a title of a text isn't going to incite someone to click the link and see the art? It also made the feed less boring to look at, now it just looks like some kind of... well, LIST!

I really like a sort of mini gallery idea for submissions and promotes, to make viewers decide whether to go look into the gallery for more work.

Agreed, I'm new and although I found it, it took me a little while to find where to upload content. Since posting stuff on here is the big thing, it should be easy to find where to submit art. Most other sites have a big button somewhere to make it intuitive.