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I'm located in the US, so anything that deposits cash into my bank with a one time fee, instead of Paypal is priority for me. Patreon does a .25 cent Stripe transfer of ANY value, Project Wonderful does a $1 fee when you cash out any value. I just hate to pay 1.1% loss on EVERY cash out with paypal AND have to wait 6 days to transfer Paypal digital money to my bank from there.

I wanted to down vote the original post...but hearing that staff is taking it and wanting to refine the integrated usage, call this an up vote from me!

It's a BIG, delicate area...but I think with post launch consideration, can be pulled on site in a way that doesn't downplay commission work into lowest bidder buy outs.

I'm not discrediting Paypal payments at all, for a lot of people it's the ONLY option for payment! KEEP Paypal an option always, I'm only saying for me and other artists in the US, direct to bank/Stripe cashouts are much cheaper on the transfer cost, PLUS I don't have to double transfer Paypal digital dollars to real dollars into my bank which takes 4-6 days.

Paypal also doesn't support some seller's geographical locations, so I really hope FN branches out to cover as many artists as possible with how it covers artist payouts..let's support those creators in the Euro/Asian zone!

This is something I'd also like to see here. Deviantart does a nice system with this, letting you choose what type of site posting you watch from an artist, and you can toggle them on or off whenever you want, if say someone gets a little too spammy with their journals.

I like the idea of yes/no tags for themes being tied to commission openings. Easy to put -humans -bugs -pokemon, +dragons +cars +balloons and let people use tags to filter down those open for commissions by things they want.

I think price range is going to be way, way too subjective and variable to filter well. I can say my price range is $20-$50, but someone is going to be upset when I give them a $100 bill for their six headed dragon with rainbow wings that increased the price.

Going to say a good break down that's not too narrow would like something like:




Character sheet



Convention Badge

Other (Digital art)

Other (Traditional art)

Live Journal was a core part of my artistic platform in late Highschool/College. I really LOVED how they let me sort followers into circles/feeds, take a look at how LJ handled groups, I think more art sites need to break down how LJ did it..artists held on to that site for AGES past it's prime due to how well they let us filter watchers with our posting content.

Give me as a content creator/artist the power to sort my followers into varied feeds.

Very agree here, like Renashe suggested, let us add site filters based on commission openings within a curated pool of tags. If I'm not open for character sheets, I wont touch that tag, but broad options like 'sketch', 'icon' or 'full image' would help narrow what I'm taking as an artist, and help avoid buyers asking for things I can't cover at the time I open.