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Understandably. The FurAffinity hiccup must have made things interesting.

Okay, here. By the way, thank you for taking the time to look into this bug report. It's been frustrating me for a week.

Do you still want me to do the Developer Console thing for corroborating info?

If you want specific commandline switches, I do:

lame -V0 whateverfilename.wav

It outputs whateverfilename.mp3. The encoder's homepage is here:

I'm encoding them with a commandline encoder called LAME. It's pretty common. Then I open the MP3 in winamp and edit the ID3v2 tags. Note that I was already able to upload six MP3s (my Star Fox chiptune recordings) which were encoded and tagged the same way.

All right... I see that other users have been able to upload MP3s successfully recently. I tried again, but it still rejected my upload as "File type not allowed." This is the file I keep trying and failing to upload. I've tried others too with the same error.

I've tried uploading in both Chrome and Firefox. Same error.

This keeps happening to me too.

It's still broken.

As a musician, when I upload a chiptune recording to FurAffinity, I frequently repeatedly change the submission file as I notice things that need fixing after I've already uploaded it. If I can't do this on FurryNetwork, it would turn my music publishing here into a bit of a nightmare as I would have to keep deleting and resubmitting the same submission just to make fixes.