Your comments

Wow, I can't believe this has so many downvotes. Yes, it is easy to swipe art, among other things, but at least allow us the satisfaction of making it a tiny bit harder. At least DA has that option for you, as well as a watermark. I don't think this is an unreasonable ask at all.

1. I think the direction is good! I'm glad there are edit buttons on page, too, and that activity is its own tab. However, I feel like "Recent Submissions" should be something that is automatically at the top of a page, so there's something that changes every time a user posts, and you're not only seeing their hand-picked works when you visit their profile.

I definitely find this better than infinite scrolling, though, as that takes time to load, and once you lose your place by refresh, good luck getting back to it in a timely manner! >3<

3. I think a "favorite artists" or "friends" mod would be nice. I know several commissioners on FA may not post art, but they like to feature their favorite people. The ones you have now are also nice ideas. I especially know people have been wanting some journals!

4. I do like the options on the left hand side. I think I've been trained to like it over various art sites, and it's not something you need to break away from to be unique.

Nice work so far! Looks good to me. :)