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Knowing is not realy the same as thinking its worth the effort. And again these knowing are very fuw and their techniques are usualy not spread. And as Acheroth pointed out some artists dont even want the common fan archiving their work

Would you mind linking these Apps you speak of.

While i think this is a good idea, i really dont see how you would be able to enforce this from FN out.

Considering how many made new accounts when FA reset all passwords to blank slates simply because people didnt click on the link to the announcement, opening a link isnt as easy ether for many>>. Might point out we wouldnt need a generalized upgrade of the UI here if people as you believe were willing to go thru the effort of even doing a couple clicks...

Item 1 and 3 are ok but item 2 does not quite work because of the fact that not all "fetish" works needs a explicit rating, there is content that very much is suitable for all ages.

Take Varkas mention of Gore, that can be anything from simple paper cuts to full fledged decapitations, ive seen enough people using gore for things like the former that are not at all explicit.

Its kinda funny reading these people listing workarounds, yes there are ways to get around pretty much any protection or security but how many people are actually going go thru the effort of trying to work around the protection or should i say obstacle. Thats the real point here, just saying.

I do hope this gets added, as the autoscroll does stop working completly after like 25 images

Better option would be being able to add a subtitle function in addition of Rating Tag stating "sexual" or "non-sexual" or just a "xxx" subtitle for pornographic images.

The idea of using a M for gore and vore in place of the 18+ tag doesnt work because most gore and some vore isnt suitible for people under 18 years ether.

Click on the "bell" icon on the top bar next to your Name to see most recent watches

As far as having problems with watches being sorted alphabetically, dont know were you are getting that because far as ive been using FN the list has always been sorted by the date the person added you and vice verca. In that sence to stay in line with the OP a option for sorting by oldest or newest would be good...