Tagging art as Mature or 18+

Razor-rabbit 8 years ago updated by NYVivian Vee 8 years ago 4
So there seems to be a slight problem with tagging artwork, and the only tags available is General (clean), Mature (tasteful nudity and porn) and Explicit (porn), but my problem with these tags is that both of the two last ones tags the art as 18+, and even when it's a blood and gore picture, it's tagged as 18+ even though it doesn't really deserve the Adult tag because it's not porn.

When you search for Blood or Gore, you'll get a lot of results, but they're all tagged 18+, even though they don't really need that tag.

So this is why I think we need more tag options, in this case I think Mature art that covers both blood, gore, violent art and clean nudity should be tagged with a red M symbol and save the 18+ tag for more explicit art such as porn and fetish art.

Feel free to comment below.

I agree. Tasteful nudity doesnt get 18+ ratings in other media, it's weird to have it so here.

In fact, Mature work should be available for anyone who is here, unless they have the sfw option on, considering you have to be 13 to register. At least thats my opinion.

Better option would be being able to add a subtitle function in addition of Rating Tag stating "sexual" or "non-sexual" or just a "xxx" subtitle for pornographic images.

The idea of using a M for gore and vore in place of the 18+ tag doesnt work because most gore and some vore isnt suitible for people under 18 years ether.

True, that's why horror movies have a high rating. I also support the "Sexual" and "non-sexual" tag, but I think Vore comes under sexual because it's a fetish.

Vore is not always sexual. Thats like saying because feet is a fetish they're inherently sexual too. Personally I find vore really interesting, and its not pornographic in any way unless characters are naked or actively aroused in that context :/