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Yes!! I would love that. I had something like this on the original Nabyn and loved it. I could even upload guest artwork and it wouldn't label it as mine.


Character Page:

Art I uploaded by someone else who wasn't on the site but was still able to credit:

Yeah it'd be cool if there was also just a general block for fetish that might not necessarily fall under sexually explicit, nudity, or even mature. I don't want to see morbidly obese stuff, diapers, or inflation personally and that stuff shows up on every site with filters off. x.x I love the tag blocking but having one general tag you could block would be 1000000x better.

Also one for gore? I don't mind gore myself but some people do and I always feel weird if it's put under a general mature or "adult" filter.

My folders didn't even import? Would be cool if it actually imported the folders.

This would be WONDERFUL

I noticed this myself as well! It'd be cool if they were dated properly as well?? might help fix this issue.