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Self promoting/faving makes no sense. Its kind of an abuse of something which is established for somethign else.

why not just remove the button? Its a bit odd to ask them not to while you present them the option.

Which the artist may prefer they didn't do.

I mean you could make the same argument for netflicks.

Right, but those websites aren't well known.

My personal take on it is that having the button there gives the user tacit consent that they can download it and potentially distribute it. You can't stop someone ripping it off if they are committed and know what they are doing; but that doesn't mean you may as well make it easy for them to do so.

Don't worry about it; people just downvote what they perceive to be counter opinions, not the actual content in the message.

Yeah, a lot of the info in the feed is redundant and takes much screen space. It would be better if there was more gallery/promo display/access

Yeah this is pretty straightforward and uncontroversial; its pretty basic functionality so would be nice to have ^^

Images aren't the only media uploaded though. You need plugins to rip audio or video files, which makes it more difficult to work around.

I'm in favour of this.

This is one of those things which will probably have negative votes overall, but will mean a lot more to those which up vote it than those who down. Content producers are easily outnumbered by content consumers in the fandom, but they are the ones that are invariably much closer to the work which they labour to create.

Personally, I would not disable this for my stuff as i don't mind my work being distributed (so long as credit and links are provided), however many do not, and this should very much be at the discretion of the artist.

No, it won't stop people ripping art off the site anyway, but it makes it more difficult to do, and more importantly, doesn't give the user tacit consent by presenting them the option to do so. This isn't a silver bullet that will stop piracy altogether, but it doesn't need to be.